Supple. Responsive. Resilient. Luxurious

A Perfect Merger: Individually Wrapped Pocket Coil Springs Combined with Semi-Synthetic Latex Foam provides a light and bouncy feel

  • The Core: Pocket Coil Springs: Each individual coil is welded into its own fabric pocket which ensures that the coils move freely and independent assuring an unparalleled level of sleep. Minimal partner disturbance.
  • The Comfort Layers: Lifetime Foam for support. Semi-synthetic Latex for luxury. With its open cell structure air is able to flow through latex keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer – a fabulous choice all year round.
  • The Fabric: Luxurious Knit material, quilted with durable foam to keep the cover breathable and comfortable.
  • The Feel: Gently-firm with a bit of bounce.
  • Dual-Sided/Turn Free: Rotate only – Incredibly resilient latex foam eliminates the need to turn the mattress.
  • Use: Everyday, main bedroom. Hospitality.
  • Recommended Weight per person: 120kgs
  • Guarantee/Warranty: 2year Guarantee, 20 year service warranty


*incl upholstered base option
*See our range under Bases and Headboards for available colours.