What is Adaptive®?

Going to sleep after a hard day’s work….aahhh…greatest feeling ever! Waking up covered in sweat…not so great. Hot in bed, sweating, tossing, turning…frustration! You need to unwind and cool down. But, what are the options – try sleeping without sheets, a cold shower, midnight yoga? What a hassle. After a restless night, you both wake up with flat batteries and feel tired all day long.
Do you wish there was a way to sleep cool and dry? Well, there’s a new technology that really helps…it’s called Adaptive®.
Adaptive® is a treatment that changes passive textiles to textiles that respond dynamically to temperature changes. On an Adaptive® treated mattress, the heat of your body works magic – the adaptive® polymer changes shape and boosts humidity evaporation and improves cooling. You see, your body’s temperature is regulated by evaporation – when your body wants to cool down, it pushes heat to your skin and your skin produces sweat. Adaptive® helps your mattress to make this sweat evaporate efficiently. Adaptive® works for both sleepers individually – it keeps you both cool and dry…in perfect harmony. It also improves the quality of your sleep – all night, every night! In the morning, you feel better rested, more energetic and ready for the day.
And, to top it all off – sleeping dry is more hygienic and extends the lifetime of your mattress. Is your mattress Adaptive®? If not, shop our range of adaptive mattresses today.