Toppers & Converters


Mattress Toppers:

A Little Layer of Luxury

Place a mattress topper on your mattress for an even comfier night’s sleep. It also helps to keep your mattress in better condition. You can choose between various foams for a different feel. Convoluted (Egg-box), Multi-Zone, PolyFoam, Memory Foam – with our wide range you are guaranteed to find a topper to suit your needs.

All our toppers are easily removed to air – keeping your bed fresh and inviting every day.


When the need arises for a king size mattress there is a simple solution: convert two single beds to meet your needs with the help of a mattress converter. Constructed with a variety of foams in varying densities and quilted with a durable jacquard or a luxurious knit.

Converters are also available in Visco-Elastic Memory Foam which provides a plush luxurious feel for the discerning client. Memory foam has the ability to contour to each guest’s unique body shape/weight making them feel as if the mattress was made just for them.
Memory Foam Converters are luxuriously quilted with Aloe Vera treated knit fabric or fire retardant knit fabric.