The traditional, hour-glass shaped spring unit provides your body with the correct amount of support without compromising on comfort. A mattress made with the Bonnell unit is not too firm yet not too soft.


Zoned support divides the mattress into sections giving different support in certain areas to provide natural spinal alignment and extra lumbar support where you need it most. When we lie down nearly 50% of our weight is in our hip zone, therefore, it is this area that needs additional support, whereas, areas like our shoulders need more cushioning.


This is the most up to date and advanced spring system available. It provides unprecedented comfort through individually wrapped springs which follow the natural contour of your body providing optimal orthopaedic and chiropractic support. It eliminates partner disturbance as well as creating less pressure on the body than a conventional spring mattress. A Pocket Coil mattress helps to maintain natural spinal alignment and takes sleeping comfort to a whole new level.

Adaptive® Mattresses

What is Adaptive®?

Going to sleep after a hard day’s work….aahhh…greatest feeling ever! Waking up covered in sweat…not so great. Hot in bed, sweating, tossing, turning…frustration! You need to unwind and cool down. But, what are the options – try sleeping without sheets, a cold shower, midnight yoga? What a hassle. After a restless night, you both wake up with flat batteries and feel tired all day long.

Do you wish there was a way to sleep cool and dry? Well, there’s a new technology that really helps…it’s called Adaptive®.

Adaptive® is a treatment that changes passive textiles to textiles that respond dynamically to temperature changes. On an Adaptive® treated mattress, the heat of your body works magic – the adaptive® polymer changes shape and boosts humidity evaporation and improves cooling. You see, your body’s temperature is regulated by evaporation – when your body wants to cool down, it pushes heat to your skin and your skin produces sweat. Adaptive® helps your mattress to make this sweat evaporate efficiently. Adaptive® works for both sleepers individually – it keeps you both cool and dry…in perfect harmony. It also improves the quality of your sleep – all night, every night! In the morning, you feel better rested, more energetic and ready for the day.

And, to top it all off – sleeping dry is more hygienic and extends the lifetime of your mattress. Is your mattress Adaptive®? If not, shop our range of adaptive mattresses today.