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After your first night in the La Vie latex mattress you’ll know the reason behind its name. The carefully selected combination of individually wrapped pocket coil springs and luxurious foams support your body and keep it in perfect balance. As a result, you’ll feel relaxed and calmer when you wake up.


  • The Core: A pocket coil spring system supports the the La Vie mattress. Each individual coil is welded into its own fabric pocket therefore ensuring that every coil moves freely and independently. In other words, it provides fantastic spinal support and further offers minimal partner disturbance.
  • The Comfort Layers: The mattress contains lifetime polyfoam for support and semi-synthetic latex for luxury. With its open cell structure, air is able to flow through the latex, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Consequently, this makes the La Vie a fabulous choice all year round.
  • The Fabric: A luxurious knit material compliments the La Vie. We quilt this hypo-allergenic fabric with durable foam to keep the cover breathable and comfortable.  In addition, the knit material also has an Adpative® finish. Science has shown that Adpative® responds dynamically to temperature changes and keeps your sleep environment cool and dry night after night.
  • The Feel: The La Vie latex mattress provides a gently-firm feel with a bit of bounce.
  • The mattress is Turn-Free for your convenience.  Incredibly resilient semi-synthetic latex foam eliminates the need to turn your mattress. Regular rotation is recommended – as with all turn-free mattresses.
  • Use: Designed for everyday use in a main bedroom.
  • Recommended weight per person: The standard option is recommended for people who are under 120 kg. If you’re heavier-set and require additional support you can purchase the La Vie MAX mattress with a nested pocket coil spring. This spring system has 20 percent more steel than the traditional pocket coil innerspring. Subsequently, this is ideal for people who are over 120 kg as it offers extra support.
  • Guarantee/Warranty: Beds and More offers a 2 year Guarantee and a 20 year service warranty on the La Vie.


Supple. Responsive. Resilient. Luxurious

If you’re the type of person who retains heat when you sleep, then the La Vie latex mattress is ideal for you. The open cell structure of latex foam allows air to pass through your mattress ensuring a cooler and more comfortable sleep. Supported by a pocket coil spring system and lifetime polyfoam, the La Vie provides the perfect balance.

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