Lifetime Polyfoam Mattress Overlay/Topper


If you toss and turn because your mattress is too firm, adding a mattress overlay/topper could help you sleep better. This Lifetime Polyfoam topper is great for making your existing mattress a bit more comfortable and can breathe new life into an older mattress.



Our Lifetime Polyfoam mattress overlay/topper is built for extra comfort. This 4cm layer of Lifetime Polyfoam provides additional support and pressure-point relief.

Benefits include:

Improves the feel of your existing bed.

Helps protect your newer mattress from stains/sagging.

Can lift a sagging mattress – if you notice that mattress is starting to sag, this topper can help revive it. However, it is not a substitute for a bed that’s long past its prime.

Saves you money – it prevents stains and keeps your mattress in better shape for a longer time, extending the typical lifespan of a mattress.

May help relieve pain – beds that are too firm can worsen backache.


– Secured with 4 elastic straps to fit tightly under your mattress

– Place under fitted sheet

– Spot clean only

Additional information


Single, Three Quarter, Double, Queen, King


Standard Length, Extra Length


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