Decoding the Innerspring: A Guide to the Different Coil Types

The innerspring mattress is a classic choice, offering a balance of support and breathability. But within the world of innersprings, there’s a whole variety of coil types, each affecting the feel and performance of your mattress. Today, we’ll delve into four common options: traditional Bonnell coils, 6-turn Bonnell coils, parallel pocket springs, and nested pocket springs.

1. The Timeless Bonnell Coil

The Bonnell coil, with its hourglass shape and interconnected wire structure, is the most traditional innerspring design.

  • Pros: Affordable, durable, offers good overall support.
  • Cons: Can transfer motion easily (meaning you might feel your partner tossing and turning). May not conform well to body curves.

2. The Enhanced Bonnell: The 6-Turn Coil

The 6-turn Bonnell coil takes the traditional design and adds a twist (literally). These coils have an extra loop at the top and bottom, creating a sturdier and more supportive feel compared to the classic Bonnell.

  • Pros: More supportive than the traditional Bonnell coil, offering a firmer feel. A good choice for back sleepers who need extra orthopedic support.
  • Cons: Still transfers motion

3. The Champion of Comfort: Parallel Pocket Spring

Pocket springs, also known as individually wrapped coils, are a game-changer in the innerspring world. Each coil is encased in its own fabric pocket, creating a more personalized and responsive sleep experience.

  • Pros: Excellent motion isolation – you won’t feel your partner moving as much. Conforms well to body curves, reducing pressure points and offering better pressure relief. Available in a wider range of comfort levels, from plush to firm.
  • Cons: Generally more expensive than traditional Bonnell coils.

4. The Innovative Choice: Honeycomb (Max) Pocket Spring 

Honeycomb pocket springs offer a unique twist on the concept of individual support. Instead of parallel coils, these mattresses utilize pocket springs arranged in a honeycomb pattern. This hexagonal design creates several benefits:

  • Pros: Ideal for heavier weight individuals as the honeycomb design allows a higher coil count within the mattress. Excellent pressure relief and support. Enhanced individualized support and durability.
  • Cons: Often falls within a similar price range as nested pocket springs, making it a more premium option.

Choosing the Right Coil for You

  • For affordability and traditional support: Bonnell coils.
  • For extra firmness and back support: 6-turn Bonnell coils.
  • For motion isolation, pressure relief, and comfort: Parallel pocket springs.
  • For a balance of pressure relief, support, and a higher coil count: Honeycomb pocket springs.

Remember, trying out different mattresses in-store, at Beds And More, remains the best way to determine your personal preference. This guide should equip you with the knowledge to ask informed questions and find the perfect innerspring mattress for a restful night’s sleep.