Based in Ballito, on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal, iRa Bedding (t/a Beds And More) have established themselves as the leading independent mattress manufacturers.
Being specifically focused on the Hotel and Leisure market, iRa Bedding has many years experience in providing that all important comfort which ensures a perfect night’s sleep.
From the smallest guesthouse to grandest of hotels, iRa Bedding specialize in the key item that makes a bedroom a luxurious and comfortable experience.

Today’s traveller expects service, safety and comfort at all levels of the market – but above all the traveller of the 21st century is well informed and discerning about quality, and will exercise the right to make value choices.
In our experience a good hotel bed should be supportive enough to eliminate the feeling of sleeping in a hollow – which could contribute to back pain – yet soft enough to invite that snuggle factor which make guests resist
getting up! We offer solutions and options from the most affordable, reliable Bonnell spring models to the finest, layered-foam constructed mattresses, as well as luxurious pocket spring mattresses.

From the hotel operator’s point of view we have endeavored to offer all the styles, sizes and bed configurations to suit the flexible needs of your business.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require a hospitality brochure and pricing, custom-made
mattresses or simply some advice. We will work with your team to best suit your needs and ensure quality and productivity remains at its best.